About 2017

Mongolian Television Forum can be described as a central intermediary that facilitates exchange and sharing of information, difficulties, solutions and recommendations between television industry stakeholders including policy makers, content producers and suppliers and broadcasters.

Furthermore, Mongolian Television Forum allows an opportunity for industry players to evaluate their positioning and ranking in this fiercely competitive and fast growing market. Moreover, this prestigious event permits to learn international best practices from foreign partners as well as to negotiate and conduct deals on films and programs. I would conclude that past forums resulted positive outcomes and adequate achievements in the industry. Please send us your interested topics, new ideas and suggestions regarding Mongolian Television Forum 2017 to info@mtf.mn. Fourth Mongolian Television Forum will be held on March 17, 2017 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I would like to kindly invite You to the Mongolian Television Forum 2017 to express difficulties and find solutions and describe the bright future of television industry.

Mongolian Television Forum Executive Director

Ulambadrakh M.