“World TV Trends” will be shared and discussed at the inaugural “Mongolian TV Forum” to be held on February 26-27th, 2014.

To be attended by global entertainment market leaders Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, Bomanbridge, IMG, ITV, Endemol coming to Ulaanbaatar to share their experience and offer solutions to issues that are present in Mongolia.

Unique opportunity is presented for local players to hear from the TV trend setters and share their interests. The forum will open up dialogue for the current situation of Mongolian television industry, television standards and you will get a chance to hear from the producers who crafted successful shows and formats. Also this forum will serve as a place where all the media and television industry leaders get together and evaluate the current industry situation and discuss possible ways to change problems the sector facing. 

The Forum will serve as the stepping stone for Mongolian Television indurtry’s next stage of development. Participants can build new relationships with the attendees while have the access to new global contents. An opportunity to bring your audience the leading shows and formats, same time as the global market. 

Attending the “MTF” as well as the markets and “one on one” meeting session following the forum is your guarenteed path to access new leading global contents. 

We would like to thank Information Technology Post Telecommunications Agency, Communications Regulatory Commission, Mongol TV, Unitel, Bloomsbury Media, US Embassy and American Chamber of Commerce who made this forum free and available to all local media representatives.