​Batbayar Jamyan

Date: 2015-02-03
Posted By: Монголын телевизүүдийн форум


Batbayar has been working in TV Industry continuously 40 years now. Starting from time when there was only one TV station in Mongolia, he worked at every TV genre starting from Political/Informational, Entertainment, Societal/Economical, Health/ Sports, Youth Television etc. He acted as Writer/Broadcaster or Writer/Director at many of the programs he anchored.

In 1971 he graduated Movie and Drama Class of State University of Teacher with double profession in Theatrical Director and Actor, which enabled him to work at every genre of TV station.

Between 1990-1997 he was assigned at Moscow International Radio, during 2005-2007 he worked at Central Television of Inner Mongolia as a Guest Worker. In 2001 he was awarded with title of Cultural Gallant by the State.