Date: 2014-02-24
Posted By: Монголын телевизүүдийн форум


Ben Moyle is originally from the UK has been living in Mongolia since 2000. In 2001 he was a co-founder of Arigu Video, a Production Company based in Ulaanbaatar. He was the initiator of the first talent show in Mongolia, Star Hunt, which was the first time SMS voting was utilized in conjunction with a TV production. In 2005 he became the project manager for the launch of C1 TV, and thereafter the acting CEO. 

From the outset Ben made it clear that C1 would support IP rights, and for the launch of the station the exclusive rights for the 2006 FIFA World Cup were secured, this was the first time a Mongolia broadcaster had purchase rights outside of the ABU structure. This set a precedence for broadcasters working with sponsors to monetize international content. In 2012 having taken leave from C1, Ben was asked to oversee the establishment of Bloomberg TV Mongolia from concept to launch. On completion Ben was asked back to help re-build C1 that at that stage had lost its direction. By the end of 2013 a new physical and technical build was completed. Ben is now focused on getting the station’s content back up to speed.