​Boldsaikhan Amarbat

Date: 2015-02-03
Posted By: Монголын телевизүүдийн форум

Head of Politics and News Department at “TV5”

Member of Mongolian Journalist Association's Controlling Council

Boldsaikhan has been working at News Department of “TV5” since 2006 and writing especially politics news articles.

He strongly believes in adjusting ethical principles of journalism to the real life. In the Declaration of The International Federation of Journalists states “Journalists' main goal is to ensure the right of citizens to truthful and important information, which allows them to form adequate impression about social processes, their essence and importance, about the situation in the modern world”. But he believes this main professional attribute of journalists is disappearing in Mongolia therefore needs effective legislation to do reforms in this field.

Boldsaikhan believes there is no clause, which protects the right of journalists, therefore needs a legislation, which protects their rights.