Date: 2015-02-03
Posted By: Монголын телевизүүдийн форум

License Compliance Director

Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe HQ

CEE New Markets

E-mail: evgeny.danilov@microsoft.com

Evgeny Danilov joined Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe office in Munich as a Business Development Director for Multi-Country Area in 2010 after successful 15 years career at Microsoft Russia. Currently he holds the position of License Compliance Director of CEE New Markets (Belarus, Moldova, Caucasus, Central Asia and Mongolia), being responsible for Microsoft business development strategy execution relative to IPR-related projects, anti-piracy and license compliance activities.

Back in 1994 he joined Microsoft as a Marketing Manager, and in 1996 he was appointed for the role of Anti-Piracy Manager for the Russian subsidiary of Microsoft. He is known to be the founder of long-term strategy in combatting software piracy in the country, and under his leadership Russia successfully executed on a multiple initiatives that resulted in substantial reduction of software piracy and created the foundation for the further development of the Russian IT market. Several of the programs and initiatives designed at that time in Russia are still successfully implemented in Microsoft offices around the globe. His effort in the development and execution of anti-piracy initiatives was recognized in 2001 by a special corporate award “For Outstanding Contribution to Microsoft".

After spending 6 years in Anti-piracy Role, Evgeny was appointed to the Board of Directors of Microsoft Russia, where he changed a variety of senior and executive management positions. He was Director for Customer and Partner Experience, Director for Citizenship, and Director for PR and Communications of Microsoft Russia, and Director of Strategic Projects. He holds several high rankings in “Russia 100 Top IT persons" and he was rated the 2d in “Top 10 Russia's PR Directors".