​Gombojav Otgonbayar

Date: 2015-02-03
Posted By: Монголын телевизүүдийн форум

Managing Director, Maxima Media

After graduating Institute of Finance and Economy majoring in Business Administration, Gombojav Otgonbayar worked as marketing specialist in various sectors such as Finance, Communication and Media. Since he joined Maxima Media in 2012, just when the company firstly introduced Television Audience Measurement, he was in charge of training and supporting the clients to effectively use TAM service in their operation.

Within the scope of his work he wrote more than 20 articles and papers about Mongolian TV sector and its trend, which was published locally and in foreign professional magazines. Also, he worked as senior researcher and analyst in Maxima Consulting, the holding company of Maxima Media, where he is in charge of market research; among various kinds of researches he takes part.

He is now Managing Director of Maxima Media.