Date: 2014-02-21
Posted By: Монголын телевизүүдийн форум

Research director at “Maxima Consulting” LLC

“Maxima Consulting” LLC, co-founded by Khishigsuren in 2005, is a research company that specializes in political polling, public opinion survey, market research and media intelligence. Since its establishment Khishigsuren has worked as a Research Director in the company. So far, she has organized and analyzed over 150 research projects, most of which were held nationwide. Presently, “Maxima Consulting” is well known in the country as a professional research company with high quality results.

Khishigsuren has initiated and developed several new research services. As a result, “Maxima Media”, a subsidiary of “Maxima Consulting”, has been operating Television Audience Measurement (TAM) since 2012, in cooperation with Kantar Media UK. This system has provided a great opportunity for media sector of Mongolia, allowing specialists to understand the market and the audience, enabling players to promote transparent and fair operations in the media sector.