Mongol TV

Mongol TV is one of the leading independent television channels in Mongolia.

Proud to be heading the expansion of Mongolian Media Market, first launched in 2009, Mongol TV has re-launched in 2013 reinstating its predominant goal to invest in and educate the nation through non-biased informative news coverage and high-quality entertainment programming.

Mongol TV has invested heavily over the last 3 years in the educations and training of our production teams by international consultants, in studios and technology infrastructures, in international and local programming.

This year we will bring you the world's most successful reality TV show “Got Talent" as well as all the live entertainment events such as “THE OSCARS", “EMMYS" and “GRAMMYS".

Our team is keen to bring Mongolian viewers the latest and the best programming, has participated in all the major TV events around the world where we have won an international award from Promax in Los Angeles for best TV branding in 2013. Our CEO Ms.Nomin Chinbat has recently nominated as a Director of the Board of Directors of Mongolian Media Council. She is working with the Mongolian Media Council to create standardization in Mongolian Media Industry and legal environment for non-bias journalism.

Mongol TV is a strong protector of intellectual property, denounces copyright infringement and has vowed to fight corruption through the strength of its airwaves. Mongol TV is

  • A member of FRAPA (Format Recognition and Protection Association)
  • A newly approved member of the ABU (Asian Broadcasters Association)
  • A member of PROMAX (association for promotion and marketing professionals working in broadcasting media)
  • An official affiliate of the Associated Press

Mongol TV is the proud initiator of the second International Television Forum and happy to welcome some of the greatest brand in the television world today and our Mongolian Peers.